Online Stores

Nothing beats trying before you buy, and to do that the best way is to drop by a store that will let you sample its wares. In the word of fragrance, however, you may not have access to stores that offer the smells you’ve heard are worth getting a sniff of. For that there are samples! Check out my samples post, which details different sources from which to get small vials, including a list of houses that provide smaller sizes and carded samples.

For those who know more about what they want, here’s my alphabetically-ordered list of online stores that provide a large array of fragrances from different houses. Most of them focus on mainstream scents, but a few may surprise you with their availability of niche, artisan, hard-to-find, or limited edition stock. I’ve divided the list into alphabetically-ordered sections – those that deal exclusively with fragrance, those that are part of a larger network of beauty products, those that can be bought from large online department store-type retailers, so called pheromone scents, a few retailers with their own line of scent, as well as scent accessories (jewelry and bottles).

Specialty fragrance stores

Retailers with a large scent library

Online department stores

Pheromone scents

Retailers with their own line

Perfume accessories