How to make your scent last longer

Especially in warmer months, you tend to perspire more and as a result there is potentially less longevity in your fragrance, which is especially annoying for fume heads. In a previous post I offered some tips for applying fragrance. Below are a few more.

1) Maximize the surface area of your application.

Spraying on your wrist is not necessarily the way to go with perfume application. However, what this does is make the scent evaporate faster because the blood flow there is close to the surface. In warmer months especially, try spraying to your forearms, where for most of us there is more hair, and the fragrance will have more surface area to which the scent molecules can attach.

2) Spray clothing.

If you perspire a lot, scent will evaporate quicker, so a way to deal with this – again especially in warmer weather, is to spray your clothing. Fewer chemicals directly on your person also makes for fewer chemicals in your body, if this concerns you. Some in fact suggest that perfume is best not applied to the skin at all – aroma chemicals are chemicals after all. Just be sure that if you are wearing light clothing that you fragrance is clear, lest you stain your garments.

3) Reapply wisely.

Apply in the morning and reapply early evening. Or try morning, afternoon, and evening for scents with poor longevity. This is much more effective than spraying a whole lot at one time.

4) Use an off-season fragrance.

Summer scent compositions tend to be light and fresh, and especially citrus notes will fade faster. Add to this you elevated perspiration, and it’s not wonder that especially in warmer seasons you might perceive that your fragrance is not lasting long enough. Another idea to deal is to use a woodsier fragrance, the notes of which tend to perform better.

5) Layer a musk scent or use a fragrance containing musk.

Musk melds well with each individual’s body chemistry, and accentuate the fragrance. I’ve been layering a simple musk scent with my summer fragrances for years, as it help make scent last longer. Oud and similar base notes such as sandalwood work in a similar fashion, drawing other scents from a perfume composition into it, and expanding its longevity.

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