“Samples” from Demeter

Demeter’s true-to-real life scents are ultra affordable to begin with, but when you look at their “value sets,” the desire to spend becomes compelling. “Buy more and save, save, save!” Indeed, their perfumes sell at prices similar to some sample sizes. In this post I’ll take a quick look at 5 of the hundreds from Demeter’s scent library.

Scents & the city

This short documentary by Katharine Round introduces Roja Dove smelling in his element – London, UK (See transcribed excepts below). This brings to mind CB I Hate Perfume’s Christopher Brosius in the episode 2 of the BBC Perfume Documentary, where he is seen stiffing around the very same city trying to get a true whiff of all things quintessentially English. Clearly perfumers go to great lengths to get their creative juices flowing.

Why perfume packaging is important


Packaging is important in today’s perfume market because it is an industry that has thousands of new launches a year. How can a fragrance stand out among all that insanity, especially if competing with brands that have huge budgets and insane campaigns? Although I like to rant about how much it’s all about the juice and not the bottle that houses it, it would be arrogant to claim one were not swayed by appearances. First impressions of products and brands are very powerful.